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Cabernet Sauvignon



Zinfandel Blush

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Any wine from our catalogue 

​ordered by Dec. 30!

Prices include 23 litres(30 bottles) of wine, brewing fee, corks, labels, shrink caps and taxes. Orders must be in by Dec.30 for sale pricing.

New Winemaking Magazine:

Abundant red fruit, spice, and sweet smoke notes on the nose draw you in. The full-bodied palate and signature long smoky finish are true to character for this unique Niagara variety.

​Pairs well with red meats of any kind including barbeque ribs, burgers, etc. Also great with Pizza!​ 5-6 week brewing time. Price $160 to make 23 litres(30 bottles). 

The RQ's are coming soon! Click here for details on these fantastic wines! All have now  been pre-ordered, but you can get on our waiting list if any more are available.

On-Premise Wine ​Making


Explore our catalogue of over 200 wine choices! Prices range from approximately $120 to $215 -  includes 23 litres of wine (enough for thirty 750ml bottles), corks, labels, shrink caps and taxes!

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