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Restricted Quantities 2018​

Abundant red fruit, spice, and sweet smoke notes on the nose draw you in. The full-bodied palate and signature long smoky finish are true to character for this unique Niagara variety.

​Pairs well with red meats of any kind including barbeque ribs, burgers and smoked brisket.

​5-6 week brewing time. Price $160 to make 23 litres(30 bottles). Labels included.

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 En Primeur Winery Series

Ultra-Premium 8-Week

Australia Shiraz(with skins)

reg. $215 SALE $195

​Italy Pinot Grigio

reg. $205 SALE $185

Cru-Select Premium 6-Week

Germany Gewurztraminer

Australia Shiraz

​reg. $185 SALE $169

Cru International Premium 5-Week

California Red Zinfandel

California White Zinfandel

Reg. $160 SALE $145

Grand Cru Premium 4-Week

Valpola Style

Riesling Style

Reg. $145 SALE $129

​​Prices include brewing fee, 23 litres of wine, corks, labels, shrink caps and taxes. Orders must be in by Oct. 30 for sale pricing.

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